Saturday, June 30, 2012

Mail call time

Here are two letters I've recently received.

One is from the beautiful Maria and she sent me such cute - I call them, "mail * art scraps" that I can use for my mail art. I also loved the rubber stamps she used on her envelope, they look so old school vintage <3 ! and the envelope was so kool! I have some similiar, but I liked hers better, ! they are glassline -- and this kind of glassline seems more thick and sturdier. Where did you get them from Maria? Well I want to say, Gracias Maria por todo! ! It feels great to be back in touch after so long:D !!

And the second one is from a new pal, Yana, who sent me such a beautiful card! I love it sooo much.. The picture doesn't do it justice though. Lol

^^ Happy Writing ^^


  1. Glad to know my cartita is there, with you ^^
    Oh, los sobres, they are from Michael's. I had not seen them there before, so I was surprised to find them :D and of course, me los tuve que compre jeje. Escribe cuando puedas guapa, no hay apuro. Un abrazote and enjoy your weekend -.^

  2. You received some nice mail. I tagged you for the 'Liebster Blog Award':

    1. I picked you too! ^.^

  3. Wow you got some really pretty stuff there.