Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Incoming mail <3

Letter from Dani in Germany. I am looking forward to writing her back and telling her about my German roots. Recently I found out from my Mom that my great-great Grandpa was from Bavaria, Germany and he came to the United States when he was 16.  That's so neat! So I'm looking forward to telling her that. ;)

This is a letter from Jen in England. I was looking at her stamp and I notice her stamps all have a silhouette of "The Queen" on them. I would love for her to tell me more about The Queen in her letter. I am watching a T.V. program about The Queen of England and its really neat! I can totally hear her say: "And the stamps... I want them ALL with my picture because *I* am the Queen of England!" haha... WOwZa! SO ROYAL!! 
She also send me some TEA! Ohhh I'm excited to try it out. This is the real deal...
REAL tea, came straight from England. Yaay. Thanks Jen!

Now onto a lovely letter from Gladys in Singapore. Her letters are so "cheer-ful" like. 
You can tell she puts a lot of effort into her letters, making them nice and neat, and everything in order. I appreciate that. And also she send some cute loose papers, which I'll def. be using to write letters on. ;) Thank you Gladys. xo


  1. ^.^ I'm glad you're happy that I sent tea along :D I can send some more in my next letter if you want me too, and just remind me, I'll tell you a few facts about the queen in my next letter as well, if you want me too :D

  2. Katieeee...Where are you? No te encuentro en FB para preguntarte si llego mi carta pero imagino que si ^^ Abrazos :D

  3. You got some really cute looking stuff, I also seen tea it looked like yummy.