Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A love letter!

I'm pretty sure we all love to read a love letter! I love old vintage correspondence from years ago - especially the eras when there was no such thing as Internet, or e-mail, or text messaging, when life was simple and more slow paced. When people really appreciated and valued a hand written letter, like in this letter I found on eBay and quickly scooped it up. It's a love letter from a man named Louie to his sweetheart, Katherine. Louise was away at a naval training station in Rhode Island, and Katherine lived in massachusetts. When reading this letter, I could really feel the emotion in it, it was a wonderful read. That's not the only letter, there is more to come. I was offered the rest of the letters, a collection, after I expressed a lot of interest when asking the person who sold this letter to me if there were any more ( I wanted to continue reading more haha) and to my luck, he said he had a collection of 141 letters! I told him it was a deal! I will be receiving the letters soon and I'm just tickled! Do any of you like to read vintage love letters ?


  1. I love reading old letters in general, but mostly from my own family. A while ago I found a letter from my grandfather to my father (both passed away), I put it in an album to keep it safe. I think I would feel a bit weird if I was reading letters from and to people I don't know.

  2. That is interesting, did you ever receive the rest of the letters? Wow, that is really neat.

    1. Yes I did! I have read them all , already and continue to re-read them from time to time. I loved all the letters, it was so interesting and the content of the letters really brought you back to that era. I felt like I was back living in the 1930s. Really awesome:) Thanks for stopping by:) Katie