Friday, October 28, 2011

The postcard that made me smile

I arrived home feeling very disapointed today...
I had something important going on in my life, but circumstances didn't work out
and it didn't turn out like it should have.
But when I arrived home, this postcard met my feet as I walked through the doorway
it was right underneath our mail slot...
I picked it up and quickly recognized the beautiful handwriting of my friend Marian.
It really lifted my spirits ;)
Her and I have had some trouble corresponding via snail mail.
She has received my letters, but for some reason her's have not arrived..
except for this cute little postcard... tell me how did it sneak through the mail system?
Even though we have not had a steady communication via letter writing, 
we will converse through Facebook.
Hopefully our correspondence via the postal service will improve and I will be receiving
many handwritten letters from her (not to mention, her handwriting is sooooo pretty!)
Thanks for the smile, Marian. :)

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pretty penmanship~

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