Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dolla Store haul $$$

Awhile ago, stopped at the Dolla store.
I found a nice variety of stickers:

500 stickers for a dolla... yes please! lol

Set: Pro,Filter: X-Process,Vignette: Small Black,Frame: Highlight White,Snapbucket
Cute hearts...

Set: Sunrise,Filter: Bronze Tint,Vignette: Small Black,Frame: Grunge White,Snapbucket

These were my fav~ Care Bears!

Filter: X-Process,Vignette: Small Black,Frame: Grunge White,Snapbucket

&& last but not least, found these star stickers
and this little writing pad~

Filter: Lomoish,Effect: Orange Leak,Vignette: Rough Black,Frame: Grunge Black,Snapbucket

So, if ya haven't hit up your local dolla store... you should!

dolla dolla bills ya'll!



  1. Those care bears are so cute <3

  2. You've inspired me to go to my local dolla store now - sorry pound shops we call them over this side of the pond! Oh and those care bears are adorable.... >_< I loved those when I was a kid.