Friday, October 7, 2011

All the way from SRI LANKA

I love getting mail from Dashika.
a.k.a~ "Dashi"
who lives all the way in Sri Lanka
who is my only Sri-Lankan penpal
who is beautiful, sweet, caring
and who is a great friend.
Her letters are very simple. She doesn't use too many stickers
just a normal envelope/stationary
but the content is what I love.
Her handwriting is so nice, and her writing flows easily.
I have to write her soon... I have a little surpise for her.(:
This time, she sent me earrings. But they aren't from Sri Lanka. They are from India
and she bought them when she went on her trip there.
They have become my favorite earrings and I wear them a lot now. (:


Pretty star earrings~

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Thanks again Dashi. I'll be writing you soon!

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