Saturday, October 20, 2012

Penpal form from BOP magazine! - Do you remember???

Hey everyone! How has everybody been.? I have been busy catching up on my mail, and am happy to really be back into corresponding. :)

Anyhow, do any of you remember reading BOP magazine as a teen??? I LOVED that magazine, but especially I enjoyed the pen pal forms that were inside! The form was called:  "Forever Friendship-Penpal Connection", where you filled out a form with your name, address, age, whether you were male or female, check-mark boxes to check off your interests, and to detail what penpal you were looking for (male or female, or from U.S. or "other" area.)

The other day while I was going through all of my old letters, I stumbled upon one of my "Penpal Connection" forms, that the company had matched me with -- a girl my age, from the Phillipines.  I was 14 years old at that time, and had made many other pen pals through that service. The girl they matched me up with ended up writing each other for many years -- about 5 years as I can best remember. And I even met two of my pen pals who I made through that wonderful service. I wonder if they still have the forms in the magazine, that sure was a great service and kool way to be matched up with someone to write to. I remember there being a fee of 1 dollar for one penpal, and 2 dollars if you requested two penpals. Oh and it was back when postage was only 32 cents, ha!

Does anyone know if they still have these forms in the magazine? The last time I checked was a long time again and since then I have not checked, but it makes me wonder...

Here are some pictures of my very (old) form... its even gotten a little discolored from all the years. LOL!


  1. This really brings back memories! These types of magazines are how I first got involved with pen palling as a pre-teen! Although I am thinking that I started via Tiger Beat magazine...or was it Teen Beat? I think it was Tiger Beat. You could write in and place an ad...which I did...and mail madness ensued!

  2. Hi, Katie! I got your letter! :D Yay! I can't wait to reply :p.

    I do remember Bop magazine, haha, they sold it in Buenos Aires, too. It was expensive, though, because of course they imported it. I used to buy it whenever there were articles and posters about the New Kids on the Block, hahaha.

    Hope you're getting ready to have an awesome weekend! ;D


    1. Thanks girl, ! hahahahah New kids on the block! I used to love them, too! But I would always buy BOP for the Backstreet Boys posters and articles! hahahaha

  3. Hey Katie ^.^

    I sent your letter a few weeks ago and I wondered if it has reached you or not? I haven't seen it on your blog so I thought I'd check :)

    Love and Pugs

  4. If it hasn't arrived yet I guess it's lost >,< That's our silly post office for you!
    I'll get your letter and write another for you :) <3

  5. Katie, can I have your email please? I need to ask you about something!

  6. Que emocionante encontrar tu form de aquellos anios! Yo en esa epoca tenia 2 o 3 penpals pero nunca se me ocurrio buscar a traves de revistas, al final te enteraste si aun tienen los forms para llenar? Abrazos amiga!!

  7. I never had the joy of having a penpal magazine. :)

  8. That hug makes me smile every time. :)

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  10. Yes! OMG! Thanks, I was looking for a photo of this form!