Tuesday, July 31, 2012

No mail today

Days like these, the mailman walks RIGHT past my house ;( then I know there isn't any chance of finding a lovely letter popping through my mail slot. But I always anticipate the next day. ;)

Okay, so I feel a bit stalker-ish / papperazzi-ish, but here is my mailman ;) ... 

The back of him anyways.
He is walking past my house. Maybe your wondering where is his mail bag? Lol, this man doesn't carry one ! Instead he carries it in one arm, it doesn't look like much mail, but I've never seen him with a mailbag. He walks fast paced, and seems energetic. 
Maybe tomorrow will be a nice mail day, we will see. :)

Did any of you receive some good mail? I hope so! xoxo

"Till tomorrow..." says the mail ma, as he walks away.


  1. I did photos my mail tday too! ^^

  2. I hate to find an empty mailbox, haha. I know what time the mailman usually comes, so I check my mailbox at midday. When I find nothing, I kkep checking 1 or 2 more times later, haha.

  3. Ha! :) I've always thought about snapping a photo of my mailman. ;) Mine doesn't carry a bag either, which totally stinks on rainy days. I'm looking forward to becoming friends and *just* send you a message back!