Monday, January 2, 2012

Bling-bling Mail! ;)

I received this letter in the mail awhile ago
from my penpal, Kendra ;)
She also likes mail art. 
I thought this envelope was so neat..
quite bling bling if ya ask me! 

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It was so pretty and I realized that it matches the design on back;)

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^^^^ I thought that was really neat;)
I loved your envelope Kendra!
I will write to you very soon. Got lots to tell you! 

xoxo Katie


  1. wow...cuanto brillo!!! Que bonito queda ^^
    Un abrazo girl, no sabia que hoy no habia correo :/ a ver si manana te llega mi sobre..

  2. Wow! So many fell off! The ENTIRE envelope was covered in rhinestones! haha. It still looks nice though


  3. i wished i would be one of your pals the envelopes are so beautiful